Cannabis and Tech Today Fall 2021
Cannabis & Tech Today
Fall 2021

Planet 13 | Selling Cannabis as an Immersive Entertainment Experience

The cannabis retail experience is rapidly changing. Gone are the days of dimly lit dispensaries with tacky flashing signs. As retailers seek to differentiate, it’s no longer about selling a product. Instead, it’s increasingly about selling a complete consumer experience.

Cannabis and Tech Today, Summer 2021
Cannabis & Tech Today
Summer 2021

Scaling Extraction | Navigating Local Limitations and Looming Certifications

Growing an Extraction business is about flexibility and future-proofing investments. Because pivoting as a processor isn’t always possible, planning for future growth from the start is essential.

cannabis supply chain issues
Cannabis Tech
November 2021

Supply Chain Issues Increase Demand for Used Cannabis Equipment

The bottlenecks hitting the global supply chain are unprecedented. Container ships are stacking up at their destinations. Manufactured goods are stagnating at the point of origin, waiting on empty containers and ship space. Not to mention the skyrocketing demand for raw materials required to produce new goods.

cannabis leaves over illustration of IoT internet of things
Cannabis Tech
December 04, 2021

How IoT Technology is Keeping Cannabis Connected

The cannabis industry — all $21 billion of it according to BDSA — is increasingly a connected one. A technology known as the Internet of Things (IoT) is already connecting growers with their plants, retailers with regulators, and patients with their physicians.

Cannabis & Tech Today
Summer 2021

Aster Farms 2020 Sustainability Report

Aster Farms is one company choosing to tackle the industry’s sustainability issues head-on. Inspired by the likes of other eco-pioneers, Co-Founder Julie Jacobson is seeking to build a transparent, eco friendly cannabis brand in Northern California.

Terpenes and Testing

Taking a Deep Dive Into Testing for Terpenes

The cannabis world is obsessed with potent cultivars. As a number of recent studies have demonstrated, levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) have doubled over the last few decades. [1,2] THC levels currently set the price for flower within the supply chain and consumer demand at the counter. But while the current testing model may capture record breaking levels of THC, it doesn’t necessarily demonstrate product quality, thereby doing the industry and the consumer a disservice.

Cannabis Tech
July 19, 2021

Supply Chain Issues for Cannabis Equipment

Starting in 2020 with the pandemic and now rolling into 2021, the global supply chain is experiencing several massive hits, one after another. As a result, many businesses have felt the pinch over the last 18 months, including deliveries getting significantly delayed, supplies outrageously back-ordered, and severe shortages of raw materials.

Cannabis warning label designs
Cannabis Tech
November 2020

The Cult of Potency: The Erroneous Pursuit of THC

Without a doubt, potency drives purchasing decisions. It’s a cult of potency, focused exclusively on a single cannabinoid — THC. It starts with cultivators pursuing THC-rich strain characteristics through the supply chain to the customer, seeking ever-higher concentrations.

By recognizing the potential returns on a high THC product, cultivators have turned their attention to THC-focused breeding programs. But, this pursuit of increasingly more potent strains delivers little return for the consumer. As research has proven repeatedly, high doses of THC don’t increase the high nor improve the therapeutic value.

Happy Hydro

Complete Guide to Marijuana Pests & Disease (Indoor and Outdoor)

If you grow cannabis, chances are you’ll encounter cannabis pests and/or disease at some point during your cultivation career. Cannabis is susceptible to pests like spider mites, aphids, and fungus gnats. It’s also at risk for common cannabis diseases, like root rot, bud rot, and the dreaded white powdery mildew.

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Could a MTHFR Gene Mutation Connect Cannabis and Depression?

Finding the proper dose and appropriate chemovar for a given condition (and patient) are perplexing problems for physicians. There seem to be inexplicable differences that make standardization a daunting task. In one of the first explanations for this phenomena, research out of the journal Translational Psychiatry (2013), looked at the relationship between gene mutations and the cannabis experience.

Cannabis Tech
May 19, 2020

Nanotechnology in Cannabis: Hot Technology, but is it Safe?

Is adding another variable to an equation of unknowns safe?

Lab Technician holding bottles in their hands
Cannabis Tech
June 2020

Testing Equipment: Lab Tech in Cannabis Testing

Providing valid information about cannabis requires a very specific set of tools. Jessica McKeil Jessica McKeil is a freelance writer focused on the medical marijuana industry, from production methods to medicinal applications. She personally found relief through cannabis for the treatment of her panic and anxiety disorder. She is lucky…


Why CBD May Lose Its Over The Counter Status – RxLeaf

CBD is currently sold over the counter (OTC) in America. This is true despite the fact that it’s not officially a recognized OTC medication certified by the FDA. And yet, the availability of CBD at grocery stores, pharmacies, recreational retailers, and even pet stores, means it’s easier than ever for consumers to purchase.

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Happy Hydro

How to Automate the Grow Room | A Starter Guide

In today’s hemp-obsessed world, all your favorite commercial brands all rely, at least in some part, on technology to control the grow room. Transforming your grow room from a manual operation to a completely automated one brings your harvest into the 21st century.

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